Overeating, mindless eating & inactivity: Livelighter survey exposes the reality of Victorian lifestyles

Findings released today from LiveLighter’s first annual Shape of Victoria survey* provide a fascinating insight into the typical Victorian’s lifestyle, with many believing they’re living a healthy lifestyle, when they’re far from it.


Alarmingly, the survey found unhealthy lifestyle choices have become ‘the norm’, with many admitting to regular consumption of fast food, skipping breakfast and little exercise, while others seem to be falling into the habit of ‘mindless eating’.  More optimistic results were found in relation to snacking, where many outlined fruit, yoghurts and veggies as their go to snack.

Where we are falling short

  • Almost 50% said they didn’t realise how much they ate in a day.
  • Up to 45% admit to overeating when they’re stressed or upset.
  • Almost 80% felt that overeating has become the new normal, and more than 85% believe that occasional treats have become every day foods.
  • Half believed their diet was ‘healthy’, however most practiced many unhealthy behaviours including:
    • Only ONE in 14 ate the recommended amount of VEGGIES.
    • Almost half regularly snacked on biscuits and chocolate.
    • One in four ate TAKEAWAY at least EVERY SECOND DAY.
    • One in three skip breakfast – a routine associated with overeating later in the day.
    • One third are EXERCISING only ONCE a WEEK at most.

Where we are already doing well

  • 58% of people regularly ate fruit as a snack. Other popular healthy snack choices were yoghurt (34.1%), vegetables (14.8%), and nuts (4.1%).
  • Around a third of those on a diet or weight loss plan were doing so “to improve general health and well-being” – a positive finding as this reason usually results in better long-term outcomes.

What we can take from these findings

The survey shows there is plenty of opportunity for Victorians to improve their diet and level of physical activity.

The positive to take from these findings is that a greater understanding of our bad habits combined with small changes in our eating and lifestyle habits, will certainly help move us in the right direction. Read more about this survey at LiveLighter.com.

*1,000 Victorians aged 25-49 were surveyed about their diet and exercise habits in April 2015. 

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