Coeliac Australia Releases its Latest Food Endorsement List

Coeliac Australia has released its latest food endorsement list outlining approved gluten-free foods safe for those with Coeliac disease to eat. Products on the list have a certification logo from Coeliac Australia.

Coeliac Australia

Products that carry the logo:

  • Have no detectable gluten by the criteria set out by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).
  • Are tested for gluten traces every year and can be randomly audited.
  • Are Independently approved.
  • Support those who eat a gluten-free diet.

The certification logo helps consumers shop gluten-free with the confidence to make quicker, easier and safer choices.

The July 2015 food endorsement list can be accessed here.

Coeliac Australia lists the following guidelines for food companies seeking to meet its endorsement guidelines:

  • Food products must be tested to have no detectable gluten.
  • The product must have multiple ingredients and/or be processed. This means single ingredient unprocessed foods are not endorsed.
  • Not contain Oats or Malted Barley (in line with FSANZ)
  • Not have a Cross Contact Statement
  • Be packaged and sealed for sale
  • Have a Nutritional Information Panel and complete ingredient list (on the product packaging or at point of purchase)
  • Each food product is subject to laboratory testing annually at the cost of the manufacturer.
  • Acceptance is at the discretion of Coeliac Australia.