Uncle Tobys gets Adverse Decision over Misleading ‘Naturally High in Protein’ Claim

Australian-based brand Uncle Tobys has landed in trouble over an advertisement which claimed its oats were “a naturally rich in protein superfood”


The Advertising Standards Board received a complaint concerning a written statement at the end of the commercial stating “A 40g serve of UNCLE TOBYS Oats with ⅔ cup of skim milk provides 11.1 of protein”. Uncle Tobys’ owner Cereal Partners, responded to the complaint by stating that the “naturally rich in protein” claims were clearly linked to the oats being prepared with milk rather than water.

Despite Cereal Partners defence argument, the Advertising Standards Board ruled the protein superfood claim misleading. The ruling led Cereal Partners to amend the advertisements voice-over to “oats with milk are naturally rich in protein”.

The takeaway – review nutrition information panels rather than relying on a product’s nutrition claims. While oats are a wonderful, nutritious breakfast option, when prepared with water they’re not rich in protein. Prepare your oats with milk to reap the protein benefits!

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