5 Common Nutrition Myths Busted


With the abundance of nutrition information out there you could be forgiven for being confused about what’s truly good for you and what’s mere marketing hype. Let’s take a moment to debunk five of the most common nutrition myths out there.

1. Kale is the king of all greens

Kale has received huge acclaim in the health arena as a “super-food”. You might therefore be surprised to learn that the humble watercress beats kale hands down for nutrient density. Indeed, watercress has the highest average of 17 nutrients of “public health importance”, while kale’s ranking comes in at number 15. Though still respectable, for nutrient density, the humble watercress, Chinese cabbage, spinach, parsley and romaine lettuce among others, rank well ahead of kale. The take-away – eat a variety of nourishing greens and don’t be swayed by the ‘superfood’ flavour of the month.

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